Post-Travel Blues

Today marks one week since Chad & I returned home from Bali. To say it’s been rough would be an understatement. The trip home took 36 hours. We arrived to our apartment Sunday morning absolutely exhausted on every level. The jet lag was brutal and we both dealt with digestion issues. Chad had to get on antibiotics and I was doing everything google suggested to help regulate my system. Our sleeping schedules were opposite and we both had to jump right back into work. I made it through the week until Wednesday when all my motivation and energy disappeared. I crashed. I laid on our couch, turned on Netflix and didn’t move for hours. Nothing helped this feeling that started to creep in…I tried to sort through it – was I just too tired? Was I overwhelmed coming back to work? Was I unhappy about something? And then I touched on it…I was sad. Sadness crept into my life the moment I slowed down.

When we were traveling everything was exciting. Everything was new. We would see and experience beautiful things and places and it was magic. I wasn’t burdened by responsibilities and to-do lists, I was so free in that space. Coming home, that magic seemed to slip away. Freedom felt replaced by responsibilities – work, financial, personal.

I had it bad…the post-travel blues. It’s not that I don’t love my life, I love my job and where we live and everything we’ve created here for ourselves. But coming home from an amazing trip seems to be a difficult transition. Over the past few days I’ve recovered and found my groove again, but touching on that sadness, recognizing it and working through it was a critical piece of the process. For anyone feeling those post-trip blues I wanted to share some tips:

1.) Process. Journal, write, reflect – process your feelings honestly. Wherever you’re at. Take some time to work through the emotions. Maybe write about a memory from the trip, maybe list the things you are grateful for. Gratitude has this beautiful way of rooting us in the present.

2.) Get active. Instead of laying around catching up on Bachelor in Paradise, I needed to move. I didn’t jump in the water with Chad to surf for a few days and just being in the water, swimming and letting the salt water reset the soul was everything. I finally went back to hot yoga after not practicing in what feels like forever. Working up a sweat helped my self-esteem and motivated me to work out regularly.

3.) Share. Get together with family and friends. Share stories and photos, taking some time to reflect and recount your trip.

4.) Ease back into the routine. After being gone for almost 20 days I needed to give myself more time to settle in. Try to get back on a normal sleeping schedule and eat healthy. Don’t commit to any major work projects the day after you get back! (Whoops)

5.) Be Patient. We all feel at a different pace. Maybe it takes you a few days, maybe it takes you a few weeks. Thats ok. Give yourself permission to take all the time you need.

What works for you when dealing with those post-trip blues? We all have different self care practices. If you don’t know what yours are take a minute to think about those things you do that make you feel re-energized and re-centered. How can you integrate them into your schedule to bring your best self into everything you do? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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