This week I turned 28. With everything going on around me – I didn’t reflect on this transition as much as I would have liked. I feel as if 28 is the age where you’re supposed to have it all worked out…(do we ever?) But the driftlessness is the most interesting thing I feel. I’m the person who believes everything happens for a reason and this last week was so full of wrestlings that I’m left believing in my bones that change is coming. It feels like a week of growth, questioning – wrestling, the storm of my soul. Expanding and contracting against the confines I’ve created for myself, longing to be free and express all she was meant to say.

Apart of me wonders if I am living my soul calling would I feel this way? If I spoke from my soul would my voice shake and my confidence waiver or would I cease to doubt myself and would the stars align? I believe deep down that if I let my caged soul spread her wings, she would be so powerful, beautiful, fierce and fiery.  It takes time to get to know your soul. Intentional time. Challenging time. Honesty. It takes humbling. This week I’m left feeling all those things and knowing it is time. I’ve known for awhile but it was easy enough to avoid. So I wonder;

If you let your caged soul free, who would you be?

Stop confining your heart and the limits of your love

Cease the worry that comes from fear and the doubt you are not enough

Trust in your own transformation, trust in your own strength

Even if you fall forward, flat on your face – that too is a gift

We are all on our way to becoming, growth comes from pain

So quiet your mind and let your soul breathe, let it expand and contract

Set yourself free and trust you are being guided – exactly where you are meant to be.

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