On Crystals

Two people in the past week have said “tell me about the crystals” and I literally love that question SO much. You know that thing you light up when you talk about? The last six months have been a remembering of just how much I love crystals. As a child I was fascinated by them. I collected them and had a prized collection. I would spend hours searching for Obsidian around the edges of the lake. I remember being drawn to the hues in Tiger’s Eye, the glitz of Pyrite, the mesmerizing hues of a geode my brother had. Who doesn’t love shiny, beautiful things? As I grew up I stopped collecting my stones, after a while I even forgot about them altogether. But six months ago they called to me and have come back into my life in such a beautiful way.


There is a beautiful story about the origin of crystals. When earth was created it was shrouded in darkness. The stars above held all the light. The rocks cried out, asking to receive the light. The stars took the form of angels who came to earth, crystallized and now serve as a reminder. A reminder of the light of the universe, the light within us and the light among us. As old as earth itself, they have witnessed more than we can comprehend; some even believe they store ancient history. Crystaline structures follow Sacred Geometry and each crystal is unique, vibrating at different frequencies. The use of crystals in ritual appear in almost every sacred text and crystal healing has been utilized for thousands of years. Quartz literally powers modern technology in the world as we know it. My knowledge and collectively our knowledge about crystals is still so limited, there is so much waiting to be discovered.

DSC_0088 2

Since each crystal vibrates at a different frequency they contain different properties and can be used for different purposes. One of the very first things I learned about picking crystals is literally not to; you let the crystal call to you and you will naturally be attracted to a certain one depending on what is going on in your life. Every single time I’ve picked a crystal and later read its properties, it was exactly what I needed at the time. When I had trouble speaking my truth and finding my voice? Lapis Lazuli. When I had difficulty sleeping and felt unease in my bedroom? Celestite. When I was struggling with self-love? I was literally gifted Rose Quartz. When I wanted to take my spiritual journey deeper and tap into my intuition? Amethyst. There is literally a crystal for everything.

So how do I use them? Firstly, I have them spread everywhere, I keep them next to my bed, near doorways, on my desk, in my purse and on my altar. When I journal I incorporate them, when I meditate I hold them or place them on my body. I set them around me when I create my space to ground and center.  On full moons I create crystal grids and cleanse them with Sage & Palo Santo. I let them sit in the earth, on dirt or on grass and let them recharge under the light of the moon. There are other ways to cleanse crystals and recharge that people prefer. You can program an intention into them whether it be for healing, manifesting, protection, etc. In my mind there is no right or wrong way as long the intention is for the highest good.

I think something that is so beautiful about working with crystals is that once you have them programmed or you put intention to them, whenever you see them or work with them you are always reminded of that intention – of that space you were in or that thing you were pursuing. They can help guide us on our journeys, for me it was a journey of remembering and now its a journey of curiosity and delving deeper. Even if you don’t believe in the healing properties of crystals, its hard to deny their beauty. Take the Energy Muse Crystal Test and discover what crystals you are being called to. There are so many great resources on crystals. Some of my favorites so far are Energy Muse, Goldirock’s book  and the documentary Crystal Visions. Happy discovering and may crystals serve you on your journey as they have me on mine.

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