Solo in Sedona

I’ve been dreaming of this trip for awhile now…my soul was longing for red rocks, dusty trails and a million stars. Sedona did not disappoint. The moment I booked my camp site I knew I wanted to be alone. I needed solitude. I wanted to get quiet and get lost in remembering. And I did. It was magnificent.

I woke up at 4 am on a Friday and with a loaded Prius made it to Sedona by 11am – early enough to get in a hike before setting up camp. I ventured out to Munds Wagon, Cow Pies and Hangover Loop, a 9 mile trail that offered the best viewing party I could have asked for. I set up at Camp Avalon with my own private site next to Oak Creek as dusk fell and remembered what if felt like to fall asleep to the sounds of a perfect night – owls, crickets, frogs, the wind in the trees and the stars gleaming overhead.

On Saturday I set out early for Bear Mountain trail, a 5 mile out & back, followed by a scramble up Cathedral Rock (home to one of the famed energy vortex’s), rain chased me down as I headed into town to hunt for crystals, then explored Seven Sacred Pools and the airport mesa energy vortex. Around 8pm – utterly exhausted, a cup of tea and the stillness of the night lured me to sleep.

Sunday I wished my wonderful mom a happy mothers day before setting off to Devil’s Bridge – a popular natural rock arch with breathtaking views. After, I headed back to camp to jump in Oak Creek and nap in my hammock. and  I went to Enchantment resort for a cocktail then shopped in town before finishing my last evening watching the sun go down from the airport mesa viewpoint.

The time spent under the stars, among layers of red rocks, miles alone in the quiet, it touched my heart then dissolved into my blood and manifested into joy. While I was hiking I was struck by the fact that I hadn’t traveled solo since my divorce 5 years ago, hadn’t slept alone in a tent, hadn’t felt that vulnerability matched by empowerment, hadn’t ventured out and braved the wild all alone like I did back when my heart was broken and I was chasing healing. But here I was, drinking in the ecstasy of red rock views splashed at sunset and I felt it – gratitude for every single moment and every single step that led me to the here and now. They all brought me home to myself. My remembering. My journey.

I took that beautiful remembering every mile back to San Diego to find that a piece of my soul had been restored.

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