Writing my Memoir – Holy Sh*T!

I have always known I wanted to write a book. I have dreamed of it for as long as I can remember. Once I set out to tell the story that I am meant to tell, I knew it would be difficult. A reckoning of both my pain and my healing, the product of my… Continue reading Writing my Memoir – Holy Sh*T!


A Gentle Reminder

You are and always have been enough.  Your heart and soul are strong, you can trust them.  You have what it takes to do the work, the more difficult thing, the path less trodden.  You are capable of braving the wilderness.  You are soft and vulnerable yet grounded and whole.  Your gifts are so necessary,… Continue reading A Gentle Reminder


My Sober Curious Journey

My friend turned to me and casually asked, “Have you ever dated someone before who is sober?” I shook my head with a negative response. “Is that ok with you?” I momentarily considered her question. Thoughts of clinking glasses to cheers a special occasion, opening a bottle of wine over a picnic, social outings with… Continue reading My Sober Curious Journey