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I’m Sarah May and I am SO happy you landed here at SHE JOURNEYS.

Writing has been a self-care practice for me for as long as I can remember and I am honored to share the my heart with you. Here at SHE JOURNEYS, you can find blogs that reflect my life: adventure, spirituality and of course, healing!

I’m currently in the process of writing my first book, a memoir about marriage, divorce, healing and becoming. Stay tuned for updates!

You will also find links to the healing services I offer. These practices, from reiki, yoga, meditation and intuition, have been transformative for me. I am thrilled to offer these resources to others through private sessions. My greatest desire is to hold space for others on their journeys of healing, embodiment and transformation. To book a session or learn more, please visit my offerings page.


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I discovered yoga in the midst of a devastating divorce and deep depression in 2014. I walked into a hot yoga studio and found a strength all of my own that would catch me, carry me and be the foundation of my healing journey. I stumbled my way through the first class and laid in savasana with tears pouring down my face. Yoga brought me home to my body and showed me the way to back to strength, self-love and empowerment. I received my 200 hour from the Soul of Yoga in San Diego, California later that year and have been working in studios ever since. Teaching has been one of the greatest gifts and connecting with students is one of my biggest joys.


I began to reconnect with my intuitive abilities in 2019. I enrolled in a ten-month program to cultivate my clairvoyance and throughout the year, my entire world changed. I connected with myself on the deepest level I have ever known. I began to hear the calling of my own heart and soul and it changed everything. The gift of sight has been so incredibly impactful not only for me, but for every beautiful soul I’ve had the pleasure of reading for.


This subtle, gentle, healing energy is nothing short of magic. I completed Reiki I & II in 2020 and my advanced mastery in 2021. Reiki has transformed the way I take care of myself and sharing this gift with others is the perfect compliment to the psychic energy work I do.

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Tarot: Starchild by Danielle Noel

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As a yoga instructor, reiki healer, meditation guide and intuitive, Sarah May empowers others with tools, practices and insights for their personal and spiritual development. Her greatest desire is to hold space for others on their journeys of healing, embodiment and transformation. She believes every soul offers unique gifts to the world and it is our birthright to reclaim our inherent power, worth and radiance. She is honored to share this path with you as a writer, healer and teacher.