Smudge & Crystal Kits

These unique, handcrafted and quality kits are perfect as gifts, christening new spaces or just to replenish your stock! Each custom kit includes the following: a sage smudging stick, your choice of a primary crystal (selenite, rose quartz or amethyst), a stick of palo santo, a feather, and a clear quartz point. Get everything you need in one sweet little bundle!

SAGE: Smudging with sage is primarily used to clear out stagnant or negative energy in a space, around an object or around the body. Light it as part of a daily ritual, pair it with meditation or use it throughout your spaces to hit the energetic reset! Use the feather included in the kit to waft the smoke.

PALO SANTO: Wood from this sacred tree comes from Central & South America. Palo Santo means “holy wood” and is used to also energetically impact spaces. Use it to restore calm, peace and tranquility. I recommend burning Palo, after smudging with sage or cedar.

CLEAR QUARTZ: The amplifier! Quartz is an energetic powerhouse. Clear quartz is used to cleanse, open and activate the chakras. Keep the point next to your workspace, meditate with it or simply hold it for a few minutes to connect with, and balance your power.

Selenite Kit


Selenite is a calming crystal that instills deep peace and profound tranquility. Unlike other crystals, selenite never needs to be cleansed! It’s self-cleansing and restorative properties bless spaces.

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Rose Quartz Kit


Rose quartz with its blushing pink shade is often associated with love. This stone of the heart helps us reclaim self-love, promotes trust, harmony, friendship and helps heal old wounds.

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Amethyst Kit


Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals and with good reason – it’s unmistakable purple points dazzle! This stone helps unlock the third-eye, our seat of intuition and spirituality. The crystal brings peace, relaxation and heightens spiritual awareness.

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Never smudged before? I recommend the following: Light the stick, once it is burning start in a corner of the room. Work your way from the floor to the ceiling, wafting the smoke with a feather. Slowly make your way around the room, spending extra time in the corners or at doorways where energy tends to concentrate. While smudging, one can say prayers for protection and cleansing, chant or simply hold the intention of energy clearing.

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