She Journeys is a space of healing, intuition and adventure.

Welcome friends!

I’m Sarah May and I am SO happy you have wandered this way.

Here at SHE JOURNEYS, I love to share writing that reflects my life: adventure, spirituality and of course, healing! You can also find more information about the services I provide for clients: Reiki, Intuitive Readings, Meditation and Yoga.

As a yoga instructor, reiki healer, meditation guide and intuitive, I empowers others with tools, practices and insights for their personal and spiritual development. My greatest desire is to hold space for others on their journeys of healing, embodiment and transformation. I believe it is our birthright to reclaim our inherent power, worth and radiance. I am honored to share this path with you as a writer, healer and teacher.

A little about me: I’m a Virgo sun, Cancer moon Reflector with a penchant for all things woo-woo. I hail from a big family, but a little town in California (6 brothers, 1 sister, 17 nieces and nephews). Crazy right?

I grew up barefoot in forests and started keeping a daily journal when I was 12. I backpacked alone across Europe at sixteen, lived abroad at nineteen and spent my twenties like anyone else. Married, divorced, living on a sailboat, dating, falling in love, buying a van, building it into a camper, selling everything and hitting the road. Well…okay, maybe a bit untraditional. My partner and I now live in the van full-time, traveling across the American West.

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I’m currently in the process of writing my first book – a memoir about my healing journey – and I can’t wait to share it with you.

My spiritual journey led me to practices that became my passion and I’m thrilled to be able to offer private sessions as a resource to others. To learn more, please visit my offerings page.


I discovered yoga in the midst of a devastating divorce and deep depression in 2014. I walked into a hot yoga studio and it changed my life. I stumbled my way through the first class then laid in savasana with tears pouring down my face. Yoga brought me home to my body and showed me the way to back to self-esteem and personal empowerment.

I received my 200 hour from the Soul of Yoga in San Diego, California later that year and have been working in studios ever since. Teaching has been one of the greatest gifts and connecting with students is one of my biggest joys.


I reconnected with my intuitive abilities in 2019. I went on to complete a 10-month program focused on clairvoyance. I have been reading for clients ever since.

During readings I enter a channeling state where I receive information, relay messages and connect with the spirit realm. By joining me in a reading you are entering a sacred space where you can be truly seen, receive guidance from your guides and experience powerful healing and clarity. We can explore energetic blocks, perform healings, look at the future or explore past lives.

I also offer 1:1 mentoring where clients can explore their own intuitive gifts and learn to discern messages, information and wisdom from their soul and spirit guides.


As a Reiki Master it is my honor and privilege to serve clients on their healing journeys. My deepest desire is to be a clear channel for the light and love of spirit. During my sessions, I am in a state of prayer on the clients behalf. Together, we co-create a nourishing space of blessing, healing and transformation.

I discovered the power of Reiki for myself in 2019. In my first session, I felt my body grow hot. Energy coursed through my entire being and where I had previously felt tension, there was immediate release. When I left the practitioner’s office, I was so relaxed I couldn’t drive! I was so amazed by the experience that I decided to take a training to learn more.

I went on to complete Levels I & II in 2020, the Advanced Training in 2021 and achieved Reiki Mastery in 2022 with Shamanic Soul Center in San Diego, CA.

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