Reiki Energy Healing & Aura Clearing

Reiki (also known as healing touch) originated in Japan and is a form of energetic healing that promotes relaxation, balance and overall well-being. It has been implemented in hospitals and hospice to assist with patient comfort, pain management and surgery recovery, although anyone can benefit from receiving Reiki!

The Reiki practitioner channels the chi (life force energy) through their hands. Because Reiki has its own intelligence that transcends time and space, healings can be done in person or from a distance. Reiki can also be sent into the past and future! The benefits are the same regardless of space between practitioner and client.

Benefits of Reiki include: reduced stress, enhanced relaxation, balanced emotions, cleared energetic and emotional blockages and physical healing.

Experience the gentle, but powerful healing of Reiki in either a 30 or 60 minute session. The 60-minute sessions include an aura clearing. Aura clearing is a process of energetically removing a blockage, wound or attachment in the physical or energetic body. They can be profoundly powerful and transformative.

Session Information

Healings are done in person (San Diego) or over zoom/virtually.

A 30-minute session includes a full reiki treatment. Price: $55

A 60-minute session includes an aura clearing and a full reiki treatment. Price: $111

Once a session has been booked, a payment link and preparation info email will be sent.

Thank you, I can’t wait to work with you!

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As a Reiki Master it is my honor and privilege to serve clients on their healing journeys. My deepest desire is to be a clear channel for the light and love of spirit. During my sessions, I am in a state of prayer on the clients behalf. Together, we co-create a nourishing space of blessings, healing and transformation.

I discovered the healing power of Reiki for myself in 2019. The sessions were so deeply healing, relaxing and transformative that I decided to take a training. I completed Levels I & II in 2020, the Advanced Training in 2021 and achieved Reiki Mastery in 2022.