Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

A full, one hour reading is always recommended for new clients where we do a deep psychic dive. We start with exploring your current energy imprint in both the physical and energetic body. Various themes may come up around life lessons, assignments, karmic relationships, attachments, past lives, wounds in need of healing as well as messages from guides, angels, allies and ancestors. We can look at questions about your future and perform healings for optimal health and well-being. This is a safe, sacred space where you can connect with the wisdom of your soul.

Why do a reading? They are healing, empowering, informative and powerful. They provide a sacred space of remembering and help us come home to ourselves. We create a space for truth to be revealed and powerful messages to be received.

How does it work? During readings I enter a channeling state where I receive information, relay messages and connect with the spirit realm. By joining me in a reading you are entering a sacred space where you can be truly seen, receive guidance from your guides and experience powerful healing and clarity.

Session Information

Readings are done in person (San Diego) or over zoom/virtually.

30-minute sessions are typically reserved for repeat clients. Price: $55

60-minute sessions offer a deep psychic dive and are always recommended for first time clients. Price: $111

Audio recordings of the session will be made available. Once a session has been booked, a payment link and preparation info email will be sent.

Group readings are also available, if interested in booking a group reading, please submit a form on the contact page. Thank you, I can’t wait to work with you!

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My Intuitive Journey

In January 2019, I began taking classes to cultivate my intuitive gifts and tap into my psychic abilities. I enrolled with Intuitive Insights, a San Diego based school whose teachings model those of the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Throughout two trainings over the course of the year, I’ve learned powerful, transformative tools and skills that have set in motion deep healing, not only for myself but for others I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  I am so excited and honored all that I’ve learned to work one on one with clients to help facilitate deeper self-awareness, share messages, insights, provide healing and more.

I believe everyone has intuition. It is a gift that goes beyond instinct, something we can’t explain, rather a niggling feeling that we just know what we know. Beyond logic and reason, it is this ability that can guide us, heal us and protect us. Intuition can be cultivated and nurtured, tapped into and utilized throughout life as we remember that we are our own best guide, our own true north.   

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