Intuitive Readings

in·tu·i·tion (noun): the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning     

Everyone has intuition. It is a gift that goes beyond instinct, something we can’t explain, rather a niggling feeling that we just know what we know. Beyond logic and reason, it is this ability that can guide us, heal us and protect us. Intuition can be cultivated and nurtured, tapped into and utilized throughout life as we remember that we are our own best guide, our own true north.   

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In January 2019, I began taking classes to cultivate my intuitive gifts and tap into my psychic abilities. I enrolled with Intuitive Insights, a San Diego based school whose teachings model those of the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Throughout two trainings over the course of the year, I’ve learned powerful, transformative tools and skills that have set in motion deep healing, not only for myself but for others I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  I am so excited and honored all that I’ve learned to work one on one with clients to help facilitate deeper self-awareness, share messages, insights, provide healing and more.

Session Information

Readings are done in person or over zoom. (Local appointments available in Encinitas, CA) Session length can range from 30-60 minutes. 30 minute sessions are $50 and 60 minute sessions are $75. Payment can be made through Venmo, the cash app, PayPal or cash at the time of the session.

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“Walking in, I didn’t know what to expect. My time with Sarah was incredibly special. She cultivated the space in such a way that was welcoming and reassuring. The atmosphere was one that was safe, beautiful, and warm. Sarah was so intentional in guiding me through what to expect. She took the time to explain the experience and prioritized my comfortability above all else.Once the reading had begun, I couldn’t believe how accurate it was. So much resonated deeply with me. She spoke familiar ideas to me but in new ways that opened me up to possibilities. The entire time I felt that Sarah handled me with love and gentleness. The experience felt as if it was a gift. I recorded our session and have returned to it many times, to let her words wash over me and to be re-centered. ” – Chaya

“Sarah has a presence that immediately put me at ease. She is calm and creates an environment where you can truly be present and tak in her reading. So much of what Sarah shared with me felt like it hit the nail on the head. She was able to give me insight into my daughter’s special gifts that has transformed the way I approach her when she is having a difficult time. She also reinforced many of the patterns that I have known intuitively, but needed some outside reassurance. I wish I could have a reading with her every week!” – Jenny

“I’ve known Sarah for a couple years now. Her energy has always been so sweet and calm. She offered a reading in a time where I needed some clarity. From the moment I chose my card and sat with her she was able to verbalize what I had been feeling. I would’ve been shocked at her accuracy but her sense of calm helped me let it all flow.  It’s not always easy talking about the uncomfortable feelings I experience. Sarah spoke with such ease and confidence, allowing me to expand my awareness. I left the reading feeling confident, and open to the possibilities of the future. She gave me faith in a time where I was struggling. I highly recommend a session with Sarah as she is a beautiful soul on this journey to help others.” – Sheilah

“Sarah is genuine, sweet and made me feel so comfortable during my intuitive reading with her. Everything she said was spot on and I would highly recommend her! She truly has a gift.” – Devyn