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the vow

The Realization Seven years ago, my bare feet padded down into soft sand. Waves from the Pacific Ocean kissed the shore where I stood. The sun and the moon shone down from the bluest of skies. I wore a long white dress as I held the hands of my best friend, a man I couldn’t… Continue reading the vow

A Gentle Reminder

You are and always have been enough.  Your heart and soul are strong, you can trust them.  You have what it takes to do the work, the more difficult thing, the path less trodden.  You are capable of braving the wilderness.  You are soft and vulnerable yet grounded and whole.  Your gifts are so necessary,… Continue reading A Gentle Reminder

My Sober Curious Journey

My friend turned to me and casually asked, “Have you ever dated someone before who is sober?” I shook my head with a negative response. “Is that ok with you?” I momentarily considered her question. Thoughts of clinking glasses to cheers a special occasion, opening a bottle of wine over a picnic, social outings with… Continue reading My Sober Curious Journey

The Dig

To listen to an audio recording of this blog instead, click play below! We’re surrounded by red rocks, dusty roads, crumbling cliffs, and sage bush as far as the eye can see, all under the watchful eye of the setting sun. The fading sunlight is splashing the desert below, painting the landscape in rich caramels.… Continue reading The Dig


Click below for the audio version instead! We sat in a circle, a small gathering of nine strangers in a dark living room where the sounds of the ocean below matched our quiet breathing. Into the early hours of the morning we would share about our healing, about our journeys. It was here – a… Continue reading Moments


Click below for the audio recording instead! I haven’t showered in four weeks. No, seriously…I’m not joking. I know that sounds disgusting. It’s the longest stretch in my life that I’ve not showered. The truth is I thought I would be showering a lot more. I’m not sure why I thought that…I just did. Maybe… Continue reading Unglorified


We’ve been official vanlife nomads for over two weeks now. I’m looking out over the caldera of Crater Lake National Park. A cup of coffee in my hand and the incredible sight of the deepest, clearest lake in North America below me. Wrapped up in a blanket, still with my pajamas on – the rim… Continue reading VANLIFE!

Time to Go

While everything in the world around me came to a grinding halt, my mind began to roam. While doors shuttered and planes grounded and the world became a mostly virtual interactive sphere, my mind began to question. There is so much about “normal life” that was exhausting, taking a toll and running me down, I… Continue reading Time to Go

The Great Slow Down

This is what all this is, isn’t it? A great, collective, individual – soul searching slow down. In a world confronted by it’s own inability to control or predict, a world where everyone is impacted by this threat, a world where we are forced to take a step back, quite literally and distance ourselves from… Continue reading The Great Slow Down

The Night & I

Sometimes the night feels like an eternity. The kind of night that settles into your soul. The kind of night that is heavy and the crushing weight bears down. Like a tightness in the chest that makes it hard to breathe. Like a darkness so deep not even stars offer up their shine. The silence… Continue reading The Night & I

Off the Beaten Path

My snowshoes crunched into the frozen bank of snow. Only one other track of shoes helped to distinguish the trail ahead. The sun was beginning to peak over the ridge of the mountains to the East and when it hit the snow  – the dazzling purity nearly stung my eyes, diamonds glinting in a frozen… Continue reading Off the Beaten Path

On Intuition

Have you ever had that experience where something happened and you knew it would before it did? You can’t explain how you knew, but you just had this niggling feeling…a flash of a thought crossed your mind, a dream that came to pass, a gut instinct? You think of someone and they text you, you… Continue reading On Intuition


She doesn’t know where this path will lead her. But she knows that she must persist. One foot in front of the next. As long as she can still hear the faint sound of her soul calling her through the night. Beautiful things can come from the dark. It becomes her mantra when not even… Continue reading SHE JOURNEYS

Tell Me More

Tell me more she said with curious eyes as she leaned on in.  Tell me about how it made you stronger.  Tell me what makes you tick, what moves you, what drives you, what sustains you. Tell me about the secrets you keep and the pieces you hide away from the world, the thoughts that fill your… Continue reading Tell Me More

Letting Go

How do you let go of someone you love? How do you say goodbye to someone who feels like home? Whose very heart feels like a piece of yours, whose presence feels comforting, whose eyes hold nothing but promise? How do you say goodbye when nothing is “wrong” but something is telling you it is… Continue reading Letting Go

Leaning on Myself

As I turn 29 under the watch of a full pisces moon it feels fitting. Full moons represent culminations – completions – fruition. Pisces, a water sign, is intuitive, emotional and sensitive. As I look back on 28 it follows suit – raw, turbulent, healing, expansive. My word for 28 was becoming and it couldn’t… Continue reading Leaning on Myself

Solo in the Sierra’s

When I decided to go solo backpacking I wasn’t apprehensive, I’ve been on so many solo hiking & camping trips I knew I would be fine. I have the right gear, I knew where I was headed, I felt prepared. What I wasn’t expecting was to be tested in the solitude. Everywhere else I’ve gone… Continue reading Solo in the Sierra’s


In honor of International Yoga Day, Yoga Journal launched a campaign calling for stories from the yoga community of how #yogasavedme. So many inspiring stories of courageous souls who shared overcoming depression, disorders, body image issues, grief…the list goes on. As soon as I saw the post and story after story of strength, healing, vulnerability… Continue reading #yogasavedme

Solo in Sedona

I’ve been dreaming of this trip for awhile now…my soul was longing for red rocks, dusty trails and a million stars. Sedona did not disappoint. The moment I booked my camp site I knew I wanted to be alone. I needed solitude. I wanted to get quiet and get lost in remembering. And I did.… Continue reading Solo in Sedona

My Body

  It has been a lifetime and I finally begin to feel you are my home. I am still learning what it means to be in my skin. I have struggled with my curves, my height, my butt, my weight…there was always something. It was never enough. An impossible standard of what it means to… Continue reading My Body


You are perfect. Exactly as you are. Right now. All your experiences, all your flaws, all your achievements and memories and imperfections – all of you is absolutely perfect. I see all of you and I love all of you. So don’t question so much. Don’t be so afraid of the darkness. It’s okay to… Continue reading Perfection

Human Design

I was listening to a podcast when I heard about Human Design and I was so intrigued. I’m a total quiz girl. Obsessed. Give me a quiz about astrology, Ayurveda, personality types, Harry Potter house and I’m in. (Ravenclaw!) So, naturally, I had to take the Human Design quiz. I was intrigued by Human Design… Continue reading Human Design

Why I Fell in Love with Yoga

In college I borrowed my roommates “Yoga for Beginners” DVD. I laid on the floor of our dorm room with my legs up the wall thinking ‘this is pointless’.  I had heard that yoga was good for you but this was not for me. I liked high-intensity workouts and this seemed like a boring, gentle… Continue reading Why I Fell in Love with Yoga

On Crystals

Two people in the past week have said “tell me about the crystals” and I literally love that question SO much. You know that thing you light up when you talk about? The last six months have been a remembering of just how much I love crystals. As a child I was fascinated by them.… Continue reading On Crystals

Pain As a Gift

This past weekend I went to my first ever Kundalini practice followed by a Shamanic meditation.  It was led by the most beautiful souls; Brit & Tara from Elevate the Globe whose podcast I listen to regularly.  The meditation was led by Shaman Durek who I knew I had to meet the moment I heard his… Continue reading Pain As a Gift

Owning Our Story

Brene Brown said that “owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.” Today I shared my story in a public, intentional way for maybe the first time ever. It was nerve racking and scary but the relief I felt after sharing was like a weight… Continue reading Owning Our Story

Bali Baby

Our very first Christmas together, 4 years ago, Chad got me a travel book for Bali & Lombok and wrote “It has always been on my bucket list to fall in love and travel to Bali. I’m halfway there! Let’s keep dreaming!” The dream finally became a reality this past August when we spent 2… Continue reading Bali Baby

Soul Retrieval

I remember when I retrieved parts of my soul I remember that it was fraught with pain, then beauty, then release The gift you gave to me Surrounded by love, hands outstretched, a chorus poured over me Like currents, the heaviness was stripped away and then, In a brief moment I felt you here I… Continue reading Soul Retrieval


This week I turned 28. With everything going on around me – I didn’t reflect on this transition as much as I would have liked. I feel as if 28 is the age where you’re supposed to have it all worked out…(do we ever?) But the driftlessness is the most interesting thing I feel. I’m… Continue reading Transformation

Creating a Sacred Space

Journaling and meditation are a morning ritual for me. I’ve been wanting to create  a sacred space in our apartment to practice this morning ritual at for a long time. Now that I have, it brings me so much joy! I use this space to hold some of my very favorite things and in turn,… Continue reading Creating a Sacred Space

Post-Travel Blues

Today marks one week since Chad & I returned home from Bali. To say it’s been rough would be an understatement. The trip home took 36 hours. We arrived to our apartment Sunday morning absolutely exhausted on every level. The jet lag was brutal and we both dealt with digestion issues. Chad had to get… Continue reading Post-Travel Blues

In Waves

I remember when healing was hard. It came in waves that crashed on my soul and ripped it to shreds, it knocked the breath right out of me, salty tears pouring from my eyes. I remember what it was to feel the void. Anyone who has felt great loss has felt this void. This sinking,… Continue reading In Waves