Human Design

I was listening to a podcast when I heard about Human Design and I was so intrigued. I’m a total quiz girl. Obsessed. Give me a quiz about astrology, Ayurveda, personality types, Harry Potter house and I’m in. (Ravenclaw!) So, naturally, I had to take the Human Design quiz.

I was intrigued by Human Design for so many reasons, the fusion of the system from the chakras, astrology, Kabbalah and the iChing. The way the system came to be (a man named Ra Uru Ha downloaded the system in a meditation on Ibiza that lasted 8 days) then channeled it and shared it with the world. Sounds crazy right?


The thing is I when I took the quiz and digested the results my type began to resonate with me so deeply it didn’t matter how crazy it sounded.

Before I took the quiz I read all the type descriptions – there are Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors. (I am not an expert in Human Design but encourage you to learn more about the types and the systems here at the Jovian Archive)  I guessed I would fall into the Projector or Manifesting Generator category. (Hard working, implementors, teachers, etc.) WRONG. I fell into the category I least expected I would. Turns out I’m a Reflector. I was confused and a bit disappointed. By definition “A Reflector’s presence is a mirror for others. In groups, people’s sense of themselves and the group is mirrored through the Reflector.” What the heck does that even mean? I’m a mirror? I’m no one but a little bit of everyone?

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 7.21.19 AM

I sat with it before realizing that it meant I didn’t have to define myself. I’ve struggled my whole life with the question “Who are you?” It’s always seemed like an impossible question. I’m so many things, where would I even begin? The thing I really love is that if I am living my type – I don’t have to answer that question. It was such a relief. It sounds silly, but the pressure I’ve always felt to define myself in the world that is constantly asking this question was suddenly dismantled.

Another thing that really resonated was my strategy: wait a lunar cycle. In this day and age we are asked to make decisions so quickly. I’ve always struggled with big, defining decisions. I wrestle with them and turn them over and over in my mind, seeing the pros and cons of both outcomes and not knowing at first which route to take. Sometimes it would take me weeks to arrive at a outcome. Now, my strategy makes perfect sense. I am supposed to wait 28 days, a whole lunar cycle, before making any major decisions. Is it easy? No. Always practical? No. But knowing this strategy for decision making works best for me gives me permission to take my time.

51s7vA3QJuL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_The Human Design system validated me and gave me permission to be myself in a whole new way. In a way that makes sense to me.  The system is deep and complex and I’m constantly learning more, not only about the four types, but authority, definitions, profiles & angles. Every single symbol, line and number in the chart mean something. There are resources who offer personal readings, or to learn some basics check out:

Human Design America 

The Jovian Archive

Jenna Zoe

Understanding Human Design, Karen Curry

What is your type? Does it resonate with you? As JennaZoe says “The most radical thing we can do for ourselves and for the collective, is be bold enough to be our real selves. We weren’t built to be all the same, and we do a disservice to our whole tribe when we hold each other to that homogeny.”

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