You are perfect. Exactly as you are. Right now. All your experiences, all your flaws, all your achievements and memories and imperfections – all of you is absolutely perfect.

I see all of you and I love all of you. So don’t question so much. Don’t be so afraid of the darkness. It’s okay to wander in every once in a while.

There is space for all of you.

There is grace for enough of you.

There is love for all parts of you.

Don’t play it small. Don’t shy away. Continue the journey of lighting up your soul, of finding your way, going to deep and far, sometimes beyond the realms and back again.

I’m going to tell you it’s okay. I’m going to give you permission. And that is such a powerful thing. Let yourself be free my love. Embrace all the parts of you and trust that the way will unfold right before your feet.

You are brilliant.

So what is it you plan to do my dear? Do it with all the parts of your heart or not at all…


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