My Body


It has been a lifetime and I finally begin to feel you are my home.

I am still learning what it means to be in my skin.

I have struggled with my curves, my height, my butt, my weight…there was always something. It was never enough. An impossible standard of what it means to be perfect.

Which is why this journey is more important than ever. We all have our own relationship with our physical being, our home in this life. It is not up to us to judge another’s journey or how it looks from the outside looking in.

If you could speak to your body, what would you say? What energetic vibration, positive or negative are you sending yourself about your body in this life? Do you pour in words of love and acceptance and gratitude? Or do you speak frustration, shame, weakness, imperfection?

For so many years I spoke harshly, I was so critical, I neglected her, I judged her, I felt a stranger to my own body. I told her that she was not good enough, not thin enough, not tall enough, I treated her poorly.

I’ve begun to feel a cellular shift where I realize how much she does for me. I feel it in the stillness, in the calm between breaths. The beat of my heart.  What a privilege to be in this body. To move, bend, balance and heal. To nurture and challenge, to expand and contract.

She has taken me so many beautiful places and we’ve done so many incredible things together. She held me at a time when I was so broken, my spirit couldn’t see my own strength. It’s been a journey to find my way to loving her and I am finally finding my way home to really truly being at home with her, within her.  I hold space and tenderness on my journey to recognize this exquisite place.

She is so important, so valuable, so capable.  My gratitude for her flows out of every corner of my being. Deep within my bones, my blood, my fibers, every tissue – I begin to embrace her, to love her in such a way I never have before. She is dark, she is light, she is effort and ease.  She is the perfect expression of heavens and earth. The universe in form.

May we always remember:

We are beyond perfect. Just as we are. We were divinely crafted, the perfect expression of earth and cosmos, stars and dust. We are more beautiful than we know, our body on this earth, right now in this lifetime was made especially for us. It’s such a privilege to be here, to experience all the beauty, joy, suffering, lessons and growth that come with this experience of being human. The path of self love is part of the journey. Send love to every vein, scar, perfect imperfection and let the power of being totally and completely in your body be absolute. Strong, capable, beautiful…home.

4 thoughts on “My Body”

  1. Precious Sarah, what beautiful words! Truth is so obvious when you read it! I had the advantage of holding you as a perfect baby and falling in love with every inch of you. I’m just learning this lesson myself as my body ages. The sags and wrinkles are a privilege some never get to have. My body functions! I am rich indeed! Gratitude changes everything!

  2. Thank you so much for reminding my brain that being older is a blessing, not really a pain in the neck! Every time something else hurts, or doesn’t work as easily as it used to, I have frustration. And then someone like you reminds me that I have tons of sunsets, walks, and opportunities I never thought I’d have!
    Your words are wonderful Thanks for the blessing!

  3. Beautiful Sarah – so glad to know you are arriving at this place. As you age, you’ll continue to question and, hopefully, accept and embrace your earthly form. Thank you for sharing.

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