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Meditation is one of the most powerful, direct ways to connect with our intuition and the wisdom of our souls. The time and space spent in our bodies and with our breath brings us into the present moment more fully. Use meditation to ground, recalibrate and gain a sense of perspective and overall wellbeing.

Please know that meditation does not need to look a certain way to be “doing it right”. Meditation does not require that we can all do full lotus pose and sit in silence for hours on end (thank God)! Meditation simply means to create a conscious space where we become aware. Aware of our bodies, our breath, our minds and eventually, our consciousness. We begin to work with this awareness to learn how to distinguish the voice of the mind from the knowing of the soul. Meditation serves as a gateway to deep wisdom, peace, healing and insight. The time spent in this space is truly a gift we give ourselves.

Tips for meditation:

  • Find a comfortable position! Different types of meditations can be done lying down, standing, even walking.
  • Choose a time of day where you can set aside a few uninterrupted minutes and a quiet space where you can focus.
  • Start with a few minutes each day…see if you can do 5…build your way up to 10…eventually maybe 20-30. Honor what feels right!
  • Anytime thoughts arise (like that nagging to-do list, that email to answer, that person at work, the conversation you can’t shake) gently observe and set aside, come back to it after. This time is for you. They will be waiting for you on the other side.
  • Find the type of meditation that works for you: Insight Timer offers thousands of meditations from incredible teachers. Some are visual, some are mantra based, some offer affirmation, some are sound healing focused…try out different ones and see what resonates!

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