Intuitive Readings

Why do a reading? They are healing, empowering, informative and powerful. They provide a sacred space of remembering and help us come home to ourselves.

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Intuitive Exploration & Development

Work with Sarah 1:1 to explore your intuitive gifts and learn to discern messages, information and wisdom from your soul and spirit guides.

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Reiki Energy Healing & Aura Clearing

Why do a Reiki session? Reiki is a beautiful, subtle and gentle form of energy healing. It can address physical, mental and emotional areas of stress, discomfort or dis-ease and increase overall well-being.

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Meditation is one of the most powerful, direct ways to connect with our intuition and the wisdom of our souls. The time and space spent in our bodies and with our breath brings us into the present moment more fully. Use meditation to ground, recalibrate and gain a sense of perspective and overall wellbeing.