Tell Me More

Tell me more she said with curious eyes as she leaned on in.  Tell me about how it made you stronger.  Tell me what makes you tick, what moves you, what drives you, what sustains you. Tell me about the secrets you keep and the pieces you hide away from the world, the thoughts that fill your head in the quiet moments. Tell me how and where you have journeyed. Give me the privilege of seeing you. Let me meet you in the sacred space between. 

Tell me the stories where it is hard to meet my gaze. Go there anyway and let your eyes meet mine and know that it is ok.  Show me your vulnerability because it is so so beautiful and know that your courage helps me remember my own. Tell me about your darkest moments, the most painful burdens you have carried, all the storms you have weathered; not so I can carry them for you, but so I can better stand beside you. Tell me all your tales of adventure and moments of loss, memories of belonging and then feeling lost. Tell me everything so I can choose how to best love you because I’m already there. 

I can’t even begin to image the darkness you have faced. The black nights and broken mornings. My heart aches for all you decided not to feel and then all that had to be repaid. Tell me about how you found the strength to continue when it seemed hopeless, prayer by prayer at the side of an empty bed. Whispers into the darkness, help me get through one more day, help me be strong, help me heal, help me go on. Moment by moment you found your way and I have so much respect for your commitment to grow and sustain. But especially for the way you now hold space for others as they battle the darkness within, your humble acknowledgement of the places you have been and your reverence for sacred traditions. 

The things within yet to be loved – I hold space for you to discover them, for you to learn to appreciate them, for you to see all the light and color that I see within.  To feel our souls acknowledge something that words cannot speak. To feel in every touch where our heartbeats meet. To discover something wild yet conscious and perfectly sweet; to dream up tomorrows and feel the earth beneath our feet. To live present in the moment and know that our heartfelt intentions, they meet. What a privilege to see you, to glimpse your past darkness and witness all of your light.

Thank you for dancing this dance with me. 

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