She doesn’t know where this path will lead her. But she knows that she must persist. One foot in front of the next. As long as she can still hear the faint sound of her soul calling her through the night. Beautiful things can come from the dark. It becomes her mantra when not even the moon has mercy on her with its fading light. The clouds eclipse the few stars that guide her way, when all seems lost, how to navigate, how to find strength, how to carry on when the weariness seems too much to bear?

Like a traveller shrugging off a heavy pack, the relief that comes from letting go. Who knew that on the other side of grief was so much space for new beginnings? And there is so much beauty in just beginning. It happened in the open expanses. Where the magic could finally work its way in. It happened on the unmarked road where each traveler must decide for themself which way is right and true. It happened as the sun rose. It happened as the Earth turned on and in all her glory she spoke. She speaks and sings in color and vibration and for those who learn to listen you can always hear her. It happened when I closed my eyes and instead of anger – I chose love. The greatest teacher of all. It was her who taught me how to let go in order to create space for more.

I realize as I learn to love myself fully my capacity for what I will allow, what I will accept in return must be resonant. From the spaciousness of abundance and humility – what can be created? The possibilities are infinite. What if there is no right or wrong? What if it doesn’t matter as much as we think it does? What if our time here is so short and precious that we owe it to ourselves to honor our highest calling – our souls’ purpose. As I learn to honor that I do not have an obligation to honor anything that does not resonate with me, I must also learn to let go of the fear of letting others down to be true to myself. What has been calling to me just as much as I have been preparing for it? The universe in all her mystery and magic is speaking constantly through signs and miracles and wonders. She journeys to me as I journey to her.

In the world that you are creating (and you are creating your world) why can’t everything be beautiful? Why can’t it be perfect and pure and meet your deepest desires? When you close your eyes, can you see the brilliance of your own light and incredible potential? Can you see the power and magic that vibrates from the essence of your being and out into the world? It is more real than the physical world around us. These things we can touch, taste, see, smell…in the realm of what is possible, of what exists beyond language and capacity to understand there is pure magic. As a child up among the branches of a tree I gave her my songs. Hands in the dirt, I gave her my wishes and creativity in a blissful state of play. Dresses. Barefoot. Flowers. Sunsets. Stars. All the magic I wanted so badly to believe in is more real and more wild and more present than I could have ever imagined. And we can use this magic to create, to heal, to shine, to love, to grow, to teach, to serve. In the space and realm of anything being possible – what does my little soul want to do? What work is she here to do? Make no mistake, there is work to be done. But it’s a personal choice. Some souls will soldier the burden and make their way into the darkness, knowing that it is necessary. Some souls will take an easier path and will find their way regardless. One day it is all the same. Who are we to judge?

Traveling through life is such a sacred act. With every breath, every decision, every step we journey – to be here is such a wild privilege. And yet we have so, so much to learn. To touch the truth of something deeper, something that is awakening, a remembering, a homecoming. When I return to this space, I return to me. I honor that Earth has always spoken to me and I to her. I honor that magic wants to work with us. Each of us. We are a gift. Our presence, our power. The thoughts we think and words we speak and expression we put into the world – how can we use to it to come home to the magnificent truth of who we are? A living, breathing, journeying, heart-beating expression of love.

8 thoughts on “SHE JOURNEYS”

  1. Oh my Goodness Sarah!! I feel like I’ve just been to a retreat! Every word is a setting free, a cal to our highest purpose, our best self! I read this fighting tears. You are a mouthpiece for my most deeply meditative times sharing God’s Presence. You put into words things so intangible and holy the words themselves struggle to express their assigned meanings, yet they come as close as this realm allows. And my heart craves. Indeed, life is too short to wast our precious time on anything less. I could not be more proud of you💕💗💗💗😘 Mom


  2. The sacred journey of life, the sacred space of love, the sacred space between us….I love to meet you there. Sarah you are a beautiful writer.

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