Creating a Sacred Space

Journaling and meditation are a morning ritual for me. I’ve been wanting to create  a sacred space in our apartment to practice this morning ritual at for a long time. Now that I have, it brings me so much joy! I use this space to hold some of my very favorite things and in turn, it inspires me and serves as a gentle reminder throughout my day about what intentions I have set. Creating an intentional space like this can bring so much positive energy into a room and can aid you on your spiritual path.

Here’s what I keep in my space: a Himalayan salt lamp which generates powerful negative ions that can aid in indoor air quality and boost your mood; Sage and Palo Santo that I regularly use for clearing the space in our home along with my crystals, jewelry and gifts; the aesthetic Mystic Mama desktop calendar (which I especially love as it notates the new & full moon and which sign they are in); my journal and some of my favorite crystals. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on how I use crystals for safety, healing, grounding and setting intentions!

When creating a sacred space do it in a place in the home that feels right. Use your intuition. At first I had mine set up in the bedroom but energetically it just didn’t work. Now mine is in a corner of the living room and it feels so much better! Clear everything out and cleanse the space first (I recommend smudging with Sage and Palo Santo of course! But you can also use salt, water, and a variety of other methods). Set an intention for how you will use the space and how you want the space to serve you. I added my items slowly, it didn’t all come together at once. When adding objects to your space be clear – why are you adding that specific one? What is it’s purpose? How will it aid you and what does it remind you of? If something doesn’t feel right, remove it. Don’t overdo it, sometimes simple is best. Check out my Pinterest board for some additional inspiration. When you have it to a point where you absolutely LOVE the space, you’ll feel it!

Now that you have a sacred space may it be blessed, raise the vibration of your home and assist you on your journey!

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