Owning Our Story

Brene Brown said that “owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.” Today I shared my story in a public, intentional way for maybe the first time ever. It was nerve racking and scary but the relief I felt after sharing was like a weight had been lifted off that I wasn’t even aware I had been carrying. For years, carrying this weight and not sharing parts of myself because I was afraid what people would think. It takes a lot of courage to be real and to be raw and not shy away from the dark places.  But we need them. We need them just as much as the light.

The practice of telling our story is so important and I feel so grateful to have had this beautiful opportunity. We all have a story, we have our journey – those defining moments that make us who we are and all those little moments in between. The sweetest memories and the darkest nights, aren’t all the joys and tears and trials and healings just adding to the beautiful, divine tapestry that is our life? When we own our story we step into our power. When we share our story we inspire others. When we love ourselves through that process, we find peace.

My wish is for everyone to share their story and to feel acknowledged, to feel heard, to feel like they are seen, just exactly for who they are. After my experience today I want to run around asking everyone “whats your story?” but we live in a world that doesn’t make space for that…we have to intentionally make space and make the effort.

Let’s ask each other about the gritty, the raw. Let’s ask about the precious moments, the big moments and all the in between. Let’s have the courage to share. To be vulnerable and real regardless of the fear. Let’s cultivate something beautiful. Let’s own our story and love ourselves through that process and share it with the world.

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