Soul Retrieval

I remember when I retrieved parts of my soul

I remember that it was fraught with pain, then beauty, then release

The gift you gave to me

Surrounded by love, hands outstretched, a chorus poured over me

Like currents, the heaviness was stripped away and then,

In a brief moment I felt you here

I felt your presence in the room, the way you carry yourself, it was unmistakable

We sat in the silence of our souls and you told me you were sorry

My heart wept and as I looked into your green eyes, in some other realm, on some other plane and I told you I was sorry too…

You left me in the light, a piece of me restored, parts of my heart and soul melding back together, scarred but whole, made more beautiful by the act of forgiveness

Healing never ends, I feel it still – we always carry the biggest pains of our life with us. Perhaps not as pain but as a gift…we remember it, it shapes us

It was under holy water that I felt this wisdom come – release the attachments, release the power you give away, release the hold he may still have

And under that spout of timeless healing I washed you away. I wished you joy and love and all things every human soul longs for

I harbor no illness, I would want you to know, you gave me a gift and in this I will give a gift to others

To tell our story freely…to share it without flinching or backing away. To be raw and vulnerable, honest and laid bare…I’ve discovered how powerful and beautiful that truly is

After all the madness, if I could say one thing, I would send you gratitude for shaping me into the woman I am and gifting me a life beyond my wildest dreams

I would wish you the same as all the pieces of my soul come home



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